• 60 day Challenge - End Of Phase-I The phase I of the 60 day challenge has officially ended. Almost every participant have completed their 30 hubs. So now we can effectively move to the week 1 of the promotion phase. This week is "Tweak Week", where all the participant would optimize their existing hubs. This is what 60 dc participants are expected to do in the first week of the promotional phase:

    Sunforged instructions:

    The first week will be an informal tweak week.

    This will allow for the few who are short on their 30 to catch up and give all an opportunity to revisit the work they have created.

    Check for spelling and grammar errors
    Confirm that related hubs are interlinked
    Perform on page seo modifications
    Modify for best adsense performance
    If using affilaite capsules - confirm that products are well placed and are serving appropriate items
    Add more income building options

    Stay tuned....There's lot more to come!!!